Coronation Street: Imran rejects Leanne after they spend the night together

Imran reconsiders after sleeping with Leanne

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Leanne is in for a disappointment this Monday on Coronation Street when – after spending the night with solicitor Imran – he explains that his father has just died and she was just a distraction! Poor Leanne!


And it looks as though Imran’s love life will get even more complicated later when his ex-wife Sabine turns up just as he’s about to leave for dad Hassan’s funeral.

But could there be a glimmer of hope for Leanne where the eligible legal eagle is concerned?

The upcoming drama all see Sabine corner Imran and demand money for their divorce settlement, only for Leanne to step in and introduce herself as his PA, saying that she’ll have to make an appointment. Will Leanne’s bold move be enough to make Imran reconsider his treatment of her?


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