Coronation Street: has Sean misremembered Rovers Return history in this new clip?

Does Betty really have a nook in the refurbished pub?

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Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) is in good spirits on Coronation Street tonight when he inherits Liz’s old shifts behind the bar at the Rovers Return. But as he celebrates being reinstated, is Sean muddling up the history of life at the iconic Weatherfield pub? In this new clip released by the ITV soap, Sean can be seen telling Toyah that he’s found his well-worn “notch” behind the bar, which – apparently – is right next to Betty’s “nook” and Liz’s “cranny”. But would any evidence of Betty’s nook still be evident following the fire of 2013?


As long-time Corrie fans will recall, Karl Munro torched the pub cellar in March 2013, which resulted in a total refurb of the backstreet boozer. With Betty having died the previous year, she couldn’t possibly have occupied any alcove or cubbyhole following the Rovers Return’s reopening in May 2013. Maybe Sean just means the framed picture of Betty that hangs on the wall (though he does seem to be pointing to a spot on the bar itself)?

The Rovers Return was set alight in 2013

Whatever the case may be, we’re made up for Sean that he’s back in gainful employment. Though something tells us that happiness won’t be lasting long…