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Coronation Street star wades in on Alina and Tyrone affair scandal

Harry Visinoni says Seb is angry with his homewrecking ex…

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Published: Tuesday, 13th April 2021 at 9:34 am

The shock fling between Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) has caused a scandal on Coronation Street, leaving fans stunned at the tawdry tryst. And it's not just Ty's missus Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) who's baffled by his betrayal, Alina's ex Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) also reckons his old flame is seriously out of order!


"Seb is confused and angry at Alina's behaviour," Visinoni confesses to and other press. "Just before it all came out he thought there was a glimmer of hope, so he asked her if she was interested in getting back with him. He reckoned you only live once, so might as well give it a final stab.

"Obviously that got thrown back in his face, and when he finds out what's going on he feels like he doesn't really know Alina any more. What she's doing with Tyrone, the fact there are kids involved, Seb doesn't really like that. It puts him off. He's had a long time to get over Alina and this is essentially the nail in the coffin."

Alina's amorous antics with cheating Tyrone have blown one of the street's most beloved partnerships apart, and the brunette beautician has become public enemy number one by batting her eyelashes at the middle-aged mechanic and tempting him away from Fiz.

Seb and Alina had an intense romance a few years back after he helped rescue her from a modern slavery ring, operating behind the front of a nail bar that trafficked vulnerable workers from eastern Europe and exploited them.

coronation street alina pop tyrone dobbs

But despite the strong bond formed during that time, Seb seemingly can't forgive Alina's immorality due to his own experiences of being from a broken home.

"Seb had a terrible time with his own family, his mum was in and out of his life, his stepdad has been mentioned but I think he had a bad time with him. Alina and Tyrone getting together like this, he can't stand it. Seb's experiences have made him quite moral. I'm glad he's moving on!"

While Alina's latest crush has incurred the wrath of half of Weatherfield, Seb's new romance with spiky, but lovable, goth Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) means life is looking up for the long-haired labourer at last.

coronation street nina lucas

"Good for Seb, finally moving on from Alina!" laughs Visinoni. "Happy Seb is a happy Harry – I love all the positive vibes and get much more enjoyment from the character being in a good place.

"Him and Nina are a great match. In the past, like with Alina, Seb has had this carer mentality. He's neglected himself to a degree as he's had to 'save' the people he cares about – his mum, his siblings who got taken into care, Alina from the slavery. That could be the root for why his other relationships have failed.


"To a degree, Nina is the one saving Seb. Being with her makes him start to appreciate himself because he sees how much she cares about him. Seb has never felt love for himself until now."

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