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Coronation Street's Geoff and Yasmeen discuss hand washing advice amid coronavirus pandemic

Geoff asked Jasmeen if she was singing happy birthday twice over in her head while she washed her hands

Published: Tuesday, 17th March 2020 at 2:48 pm

Last night's episode of Coronation Street contained a piece of hand-washing advice that might serve very useful in the current climate.


Geoff Metcalfe reminded his wife Yasmeen - who has been the victim of a long-running campaign of abuse perpetrated by him - of the importance of washing her hands after he had forced her to clean the bathroom.

And his particular piece of advice will sound familiar to anyone who's been following the news, asking her: "You are singing happy birthday twice over in your head like I told you?"

Apparently the clip was part of a campaign to remind soap viewers of the importance of hand-washing amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

ITV Studios creative director John Whiston told, "Because we script and shoot so far in advance we don't generally reflect contemporary issues.

"However we are going to use the soaps to remind people of important public health issues such as the need to wash their hands. We'll try and do more such messages going forward."


And some fans took to Twitter to praise the comment, with one viewer claiming: "Geoff may be truly evil, but he was right about hand washing pre-corona" and another adding: "Love it that Corrie are taking hand washing seriously! Best thing Geoff’s said in a long time."

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