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Coronation Street's Geoff makes death threat after foiling Yasmeen's escape

The abused wife will fight back in a deadly showdown

Coronation street yasmeen Metcalfe Geoff metcalfe
Published: Wednesday, 29th April 2020 at 7:55 pm

Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) has been dealt a chilling death threat from abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) after he caught her plotting to leave him, paving the way for a shocking showdown that ends with the abusive husband feared dead.


Tense scenes in Wednesday 29th April's Coronation Street showed evil Geoff discover his scared spouse had secretly stashed a suitcase under the stairs and was planning her escape from his coercive grasp.

Having been diagnosed with an STI, Mrs Metcalfe had already been wrongly accused of being unfaithful by her sleazy other half, who viewers know caught chlamydia by sleeping around with paid escorts.

Locked in the house, Yasmeen could only watch as Geoff took her packed possessions into the garden and set them alight.

Back inside he cruelly forced her on her knees and promise she would stay at his side, before the despicable DJ issued a menacing warning that he would rather her dead than with anyone else…

"Yammen is scared but also feels guilty," explains King. "Geoff is right to think she was planning to leave him. She feels as though she has done exactly what he accuses her of.

"The guilt comes from being terrified of losing what she believes to be the closest connection in her life," she continues. "There is co-dependency because we know that Geoff feels bereft whenever she goes anywhere."

coronation street yasmeen geoff

Corrie have confirmed the abuse storyline reaches a dramatic peak on Friday 1st May when Yasmeen attacks Geoff, accidentally stabbing his throat with a broken wine bottle during a heated row. Has she killed him?

"She is not thinking coherently, she reacts like a wounded and cornered animal," comments King on the upcoming scenes. "Yasmeen just wants it all to stop. She defends herself, she doesn't attack him, but it is him who ends up bleeding on the kitchen floor…"

In the aftermath of Geoff incurring potentially fatal injuries, Yasmeen calls 999 believing she has killed her horrid husband. She is taken in for questioning and learns she could face an attempted murder charge, but if Geoff does not survive will she end up behind bars for taking another life?

The coercive control storyline has been widely praised so far, and King is pleased the topic is being highlighted: "This has only recently been recognised as domestic abuse, there is no physical evidence in that there is no black eye, no scars, it is hidden.

"We have opened a door into lives affected by coercive control, how a seemingly gentle, fun loving relationship can turn bitter, sour and harmful."


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