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Gemma names one of her babies after famous singer in Coronation Street

The quads are here after Gem went into labour in a cable car…

coronation street gemma winter gives birth
Published: Wednesday, 30th October 2019 at 8:55 pm

The patter of many tiny feet can be heard in Coronation Street as Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) has finally given birth to her quads - she and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) are now proud parents to two boys and two girls.


It was one of the more unusual soap birthing experiences, as the kebab shop worker's waters broke on Wednesday 30th October high above Welsh seaside town Llandudno, aboard a stuck cable car sailing down famed summit the Great Orme (679 feet up, fact fans).

Nervous Ches, who had just proposed to his baby mama, was forced to deliver the first of the brood, a boy, with help from 999 over the phone.

Thankfully the cable car was soon fixed and panicking, panting Gemma was soon down to earth and bunged in an ambulance. She managed to deliver the other three kids safely at the local hospital.

coronation street gemma winter chesney brown

Wisely deciding against their original plan of taking inspiration from the four points of the compass to name the foursome (Kim Kardashian has a lot to answer for), Ches and Gem explained to assembled friends and family the sweet reason behind the monikers dished out to their little ones - they're all named in honour of the medical staff who helped bring them into the world.

So we have Bryn, after the surgeon who did the c-section, Llio, the midwife, and honouring the paramedics on the scene at the Orme, Carys and Aled - the latter being the firstborn who made his debut in the cable car - as Gemma said, practically "walking in the air", hence the additional nod to Welsh singing star Aled Jones.

coronation street gemma winter

With Llandudno's famous cable car playing such an integral part in the proceedings, is it set to become as iconic a Corrie location as Blackpool, where fans still flock to the spot where Alan Bradley was killed by a tram while chasing Rita across the road 30 years ago? Decades from now, we could have Street enthusiasts stuffing cushions up their jumpers, pulling their hair into a scrunchie and climbing into a carriage to recreate Gemma's big moment…


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