Gary Windass to face huge challenge from Adam Barlow in Coronation Street

Adam Barlow is making Gary's life difficult.

Coronation Street Gary Windass

Gary Windass (Mikey North) has been keeping a dark secret in Coronation Street after his murder of Rick Neelan and his interest in Rick’s son.


Kelly (Millie Gibson), has not gone unnoticed by Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) – something that causes problems for Gary.

Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) gets wind of the link between Kelly and Rick when Adam lets him know, pointing her out to him while they are all in the cafe.

When he learns that Gary has an unusual interest in her, his interest is piqued and he can not help but start asking questions.

His first stop is Kelly herself, and the question he asks her is not one Gary is comfortable about- the whereabouts of Rick. Gary witnesses the exchange and is immediately on high alert, deeply concerned that the murder may be uncovered.

Later, he goes to see Kelly and she confirms his suspicions when she tells him what Imran wanted to know. Gary makes his point clear to her; she is not to say a word. But even if she does stay quiet, will that be enough to throw Adam and Imran off the scent when they do not get any satisfactory answers as to where Rick is?

imran gary kelly coronation street

Coronation Street had been in the middle of several major storylines when production was shut down and it now looks as though the soap will run out of episodes before they are able to return to work and get new ones in the can. No set date has been confirmed for when cast and crew will be allowed on set again but all indicators point to most resuming production next month.

As well as this story, Leanne Battersby  (Jane Danson) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) have recently been delivered devastating news about Oliver as the show draws attention to Mitochondrial disease.

Scenes this week will also see the beginning on Shona Ramsey’s (Julia Goulding) return story as Shona meets with Clayton in prison – with her son being as devious as ever.


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