Coronation Street’s Gary Windass has slept with Nicola Rubinstein – only to immediately regret doing the dirty on girlfriend Sarah Platt.


Gary has been bottling up his PTSD since his return from the Ukraine, opting to confide solely in Nicola. But after discovering that she’s the daughter of Pat Phelan, Gary warned her to stay out of his life.

Now, following a falling out with Sarah, who had decided to tackle him over his increasingly aggressive behaviour, Gary has sought solace in the arms of Nicola, who invited him round to Number 11 to share a bottle of wine.

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As Gary opened up about his time in the Army, Nicola shared tales of her own eventful youth (it seems she likes a bad boy!). As the drink continued to flow, conversation soon turned to passion when the pair started kissing.

Gary then ended up sleeping with Nicola, but did a runner immediately afterwards, warning her that she must never tell anyone about what they’d done.

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A quick dash across the road and Gary was suddenly the picture of devotion – presenting Sarah with an eternity ring and pledging his future to her.

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But will Gary and Nicola be able to forget about their one-night stand so easily? It appears not, seeing as Nicola will soon discover that she’s pregnant as a result of the encounter.

Speaking recently about what the upcoming drama, actor Mikey North said: “What we don’t know yet is whether she’s going to keep the baby. That’s set to pit Gary against Phelan again, so there are going to be old battlegrounds revisited – there’s a lot of unfinished business there.”

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