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Gary kills Sarah to keep his secret? Coronation Street's Mikey North on next big twist

"I hope he wouldn't be capable but the scripts will dictate what happens…"

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Published: Friday, 31st July 2020 at 7:55 pm

Bad boy Gary Windass (Mikey North) is recovering in hospital after being hit by a car and the Coronation Street killer is relieved his dark secret is safe, for now.


Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) ran into the path of a speeding vehicle as she learnt the horrifying truth that her old flame murdered loan shark Rick Neelan and buried him in the woods, but after Gary saved her life his torn ex has decided to stay silent.

This doesn't mean she'll continue to keep the gruesome details of Gary's antics to herself forever, though, and North is not dismissing the possibility his alter ego could be driven to do the unthinkable and silence the woman he loves permanently…

"I really hope Gary wouldn't be capable of killing Sarah in cold blood," he shudders. "I hope he is not like that. But time will tell and the script will dictate what happens.

"Sarah's husband Adam Barlow is still sniffing around, and he's the one he is really worried about. Whether or not Gary would be driven to kill him, again I'm not so sure - I hope he wouldn't be able to go through with it, we may never know. But Adam is definitely going to be a thorn in Gary's side. Now he is questioning Sarah's story and what she and Gary were talking about just before the accident."

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Whether Sarah can reconcile the fact she is protecting a murderer remains to be seen, and next week's episodes continue to explore her dilemma. Adam, and Gary's fiancee Maria Connor, grow increasingly suspicious about the incident and Mrs Barlow must decide what to tell the police when they ask her why she dialled 999 just before the car zoomed towards her.

North reveals the stunt was meant to be shot on location just before the UK lockdown paused production on Corrie back in March. As impressive as soap's first socially-distanced stunt scene was as Gary rescued Sarah with no actors being closer than the requisite two metres, the original plan sounds far more explosive.

"Sarah was going to find Gary digging up Rick's body in the woods and put two and two together," explains the actor. "She would drive off and crash the car, which then exploded. Gary would manage to pull her out in the original version."

The stakes remain high between the pair, so will Sarah save Gary's skin after he saved hers?


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