Coronation Street: fresh revolt at the factory as Alya makes Sarah her PA – watch the new scene

The workers are annoyed by Alya's new appointment


Alya Nazir will continue to annoy the staff at Underworld next week when she makes a controversial new appointment. Coronation Street viewers have already seen the factory workers stage a walkout after Fiz was sacked on Alya’s first day at the helm. Now, there’s set to be further trouble when Alya – fearing that she’s bitten off more than she can chew – decides to make Sarah her personal assistant.


The trouble is, when Sarah is introduced to the machinists, the girls are quick to point out that the job should have been advertised.

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Speaking about what happens next, actress Sair Khan says: “Alya does have an unexpected ally in Sarah, which is unlikely due to the history with Gary. Sarah is hired as Alya’s PA and the factory workers wonder why they couldn’t have applied for the job.

“So Alya hatches a plan and starts to treat Sarah like a slave. I love working with Tina [O’Brien] – she’s the best. It’s always nice to work with different people on the Street – sometimes you don’t see some people for months and don’t find out what they’ve been up to until you see it on screen.”


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