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Has Fiz Stape killed Jade Rowan in Coronation Street?

An arrest is made after their big showdown

coronation street fiz stape Jade Rowan
Published: Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 at 8:55 pm

Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) unleashed her fury at Jade Rowan (Lottie Henshall) and attacked her with a chopping board, knocking her unconscious believing she had abducted her daughter Hope Stape - has the stressed mum murdered her little girl's long-lost sister?


Wednesday 22nd January's instalment of Coronation Street ended with Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) finding former nanny Jade out cold on the floor with his partner standing over the body. Fiz is unaware that Hope is actually safe and well after disappearing, and is with granny Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) getting checked over in hospital. Ironically, it was Jade who found her missing sibling at the cemetery and returned her home to Ty and his nana while Fiz was out.

coronation street fiz stape jade rowan

There are huge consequences of Fiz getting the wrong end of the stick on Friday 24th January, when Jade mysteriously disappears while her attacker's back is turned as she frantically discusses their next move with Tyrone. Having survived the attack she is found by neighbour Yasmeen Metcalfe in the ginnel, by which time she's passed out again.

Soon the cops are calling to question Fiz over Jade's injuries, but the family close ranks as Evelyn insists they don't know anything. Will Jade wake up and reveal what happened? Or worse, what if she doesn't pull through and Fiz ends up guilty of murder - just like her evil ex, and Jade's late dad, John Stape?

coronation street fiz stape

There is no mention of Jade in any ITV publicity for Corrie after the teasers for Friday, so anything is possible. Speaking to about delving back into the sensational Stape serial killer storyline, producer Iain MacLeod said: "Jade's brilliant, bonkers, secret assault on the Dobbs household has been fabulous, exciting, slightly heightened and, dare I say, campy.

“Eventually we’ll subvert people’s expectations as to what they think about Jade, which is going to be interesting.” Henshall maintains her alter ego is a victim herself, despite her introduction as a cuckoo in the nest who deliberately sought to paint Fiz as a terrible parent in order to get custody of Hope. There is a sense Jade's vendetta is lessening, but it might be too late…

coronation street fiz stape

"Jade has been lied to by her mum her whole life, and been told so many things about Fiz that are untrue. She was brainwashed which is why she wanted to keep her little sister safe from a woman she saw as a danger. I think some people might change their opinion of Jade as the story develops, but we'll have to wait and see."

That's if she survives being whacked with a wooden chopping board, of course…


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