Coronation Street: Faye left horrified by Phelan rape bombshell

But will she believe what Gary is telling her?


Faye Windass will be left with a dilemma on next week’s Coronation Street when she’s told the full truth about predatory Pat Phelan. Will she believe that he raped her mum?


The upcoming drama sees Seb tell Faye how Phelan saw Anna going into the solicitor’s office just before he fell from his ladder.

But after Faye quizzes Gary about Anna’s involvement in Seb’s accident, he reprimands her, annoyed that she could even question his mother’s innocence.


Later on, events come to a head when Seb announces that he’s moving into No 11 with Phelan. When Faye declares that she’s going wth him, Gary’s furious and begs Faye to see Phelan for what he is.

But when Faye refuses to listen, Gary drops the bombshell news that Phelan raped Anna. Will Faye change her mind about the psychopathic Pat when she discovers that her mum slept with Phelan as a trade-off to protect her family? Or will she continue to side with Phelan?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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