Coronation Street: Eva’s baby to be taken by social services?

A shock accident for Susie could have big repercussions


A split-second mistake by Eva Price in next week’s Coronation Street could have massive repercussions for the harassed new mum. Is her baby daughter Susie set to be taken away by the authorities?


In the run-up to the cliffhanger scenes, Eva will be seen being left in emotional turmoil when Adam declares that he still loves her. Feeling that she has to put her newborn first, Eva tells the amorous legal eagle that she needs to focus on Susie.

And it seems that a major problem as regards the little girl lies ahead when – after Eva turns her back for a moment – Susie rolls off the sofa in the back room at the Rovers and bangs her head.


Eva immediately takes her baby to the medical centre and is assured by the doctor that Susie is fine. But little does she realise that a concerned Liz has gone running to Johnny, telling him that, as Susie’s grandfather, he has a right to know that Susie has had an accident. Eva is then shocked when a social worker arrives at the pub, having been contacted by Johnny.

Actress Catherine Tyldesley set to exit the ITV soap in the weeks ahead, so is Eva destined to leave a broken woman and without Susie? And will Johnny end up getting his wish and being granted custody of his granddaughter?


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