Coronation Street: Eileen’s comeback storyline revealed

She's shocked that Steve is now engaged to Tracy


STRICT EMBARGO - No Use Before Tuesday 10th July 2018

Coronation Street - Ep 9510

Wednesday 18th July 2018 - 1st Ep

In an attempt to make amends, Steve McDonald [SIMON GREGSON] helps Abi Franklin [SALLY CARMAN] and Seb Franklin [HARRY VISINONI] who are frantically tidying the house before Eileen Phelan [SUE CLEAVER] returns. Eileen arrives home to mayhem.  

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Eileen Grimshaw will make it her mission to split up Steve and Tracy when she returns to Coronation Street next week. Eileen has been away for the last month in Bristol, but will be back in Weatherfield just in time to catch Steve, Abi and Seb frantically cleaning Number Eleven. But despite returning to a scene of chaos, Eileen’s disapproval is soon overshadowed by the news that Steve is now engaged to Tracy.


The upcoming drama sees Steve begging Eileen not to throw Abi and Seb out on the Street. Eileen begrudgingly agrees, but only on the condition that he breaks off his engagement to Tracy. But it looks as though Steve will not compromise where his love life is concerned, hence Eileen and Dev dragging Steve to the Bistro and warning him that by marrying Tracy, he’ll be making the biggest mistake of his life.


The trouble is that Tracy walks in just as Eileen and Dev are continuing their character assassination of her. Tracy is left fuming to realise that Eileen is trying to break them up. But will her tactics work? And will Steve be in any mood to listen?