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Coronation Street: Eileen and Phelan to leave Weatherfield?

Eileen stands by her man!

Published: Wednesday, 7th March 2018 at 8:55 pm

Desperate Eileen Phelan has decided to cover up Phelan's crime in tonight's Coronation Street, opting instead to flee with her villainous husband.


Wednesday's episode saw Eileen confront Phelan about the Calcutta Street development scam after overhearing him confess to having defrauded her friends and neighbours.

A tense showdown saw Phelan admit that Todd was complicit in the scheme before begging for her forgiveness. After storming out, Eileen had a heart to heart with best mate Liz and initially decided to tell the police everything.


But when she arrived at the station, Eileen was shocked when Phelan turned up with plans to confess in order to prove how sorry he was.

The sight of a contrite Phelan was obviously enough to sway Eileen, who decided to then head home in his company. Eileen was then seen agreeing to put the whole business behind them, but only on the condition that they now leave town.

Obviously, Eileen is now feeling shame-faced at having to mix with the likes of Rita, who lost cash thanks to Pat's deception. But how would she feel if she also found out that he had blood on his hands?

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