Coronation Street: David’s kids are put in big danger!

Clayton's dad Dane is issuing threats in next week's episodes


David Platt’s children Lily and Max will be in big trouble next week on Coronation Street when Clayton’s dad Dane resurfaces.


Fans should brace themselves for a heated showdown when Shona takes David along for a meeting with Dane, where she refuses to hand over any of her recent scratch card winnings.


Dane responds with some vile remarks about Kylie, all of which results in David seeing red and Shona having to drag him away.

Says actress Julia Goulding of the tense confrontation: “Dane very much goads David – he’s mean. The final straw is when Dane says something very nasty about Kylie and that makes David fly at him in a rage.”


Later on, tensions will explode again when David and Shona prepare for a trip and load Max and Lily into the car.

Just as they’re about to head off,  Dane hurtles across the street, jumps into car and locks himself inside – with the kids!

A horrified David and Shona look on – but what does Dane intend to do to the children? And will he reveal all about Shona’s links to the man who killed Kylie?

“It’s sheer panic because Shona knows how callous, ruthless and mean Dane can be,” adds Goulding. “She knows there’s a possibility he’s going to tell the kids who she really is because he has already threatened to and especially now Shona has decided to not give him the money.”

And how far does Shona think Dane will take things? “He’s mad, so he’s going to see how far he can take it. Whether he hurts the kids physically or hurts them emotionally, it’s just as bad each way.”

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