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Coronation Street's David Platt killed off after terrifying knife attack?

A scary attack left fans on a cruel cliffhanger

coronation street David platt
Published: Monday, 30th March 2020 at 7:55 pm

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) was the victim of a menacing gang mugging in Coronation Street on Monday 30th March that ended with one of the gruesome group pulling a knife on their victim - is the character being killed off in the same way as tragic late wife Kylie?


Thankfully not, as can reveal David survives his ordeal that signalled the climax of the episode and Wednesday 1st April's instalment picks up with the horrified hairdresser fighting off his attackers and making a run for it.

Though the gang give chase, wily David eventually manages to get away but keeps the incident to himself, and decides not to tell brother Nick Tilsley or mum Gail Rodwell what just happened.

David's frame of mind has been muddied for months since wife Shona was shot and lapsed into a coma, only to wake up with no memory of her husband or their marriage.

Following news Mrs Platt now wants a divorce, and is still refusing to see her other half, David got drunk and had an ill-advised lusty liaison with Alina Pop, which earned him a punch in the face from the Underworld worker's jealous ex, Seb Franklin.

By the end of this week, David tracks down Alina and apologises for using her. The pair clear the air and reach an understanding, making deflated David realise he needs to try and move on from Shona and make a fresh start.

coronation street david platt muggers

It won't be that easy, though, with Shona confirmed as returning to the soap soon - her absence while she recovers at a medical facility in Leeds was concocted to accommodate actress Julia Goulding's real life maternity leave.

Shepherd, and fans, still hold out hope the Platts can repair their cursed relationship. "I love working with Julia and I think the characters have a strong bond. Julia would be mortified if they end up divorced because she loves being a Platt!

"Everything may be lost unless David can do something drastic to win her back. It would be a shame if they split, but that's soap…"

They've already overcome the fact Shona's son Clayton Hibbs fatally stabbed David's aforementioned ex Kylie, surely nothing can break them?


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