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David sleeps with Alina in Coronation Street, but Jack P Shepherd wants him back with Shona

"It would be a shame if they split, but that's soap!"

coronation street David platt Alina pop
Published: Wednesday, 25th March 2020 at 8:55 pm

David Platt's marital woes drove him into the arms of another woman in Coronation Street when he was caught cavorting with Underworld worker Alina Pop.


The surprise hook-up aired on Wednesday 25th March after downbeat David got chatting and drinking to lonely Alina about the poor state of their respective love lies.

A few cans of beer later the pair were hot and heavy on the sofa, much to the consternation of Seb Franklin who was stunned to find his old flame/flatmate in flagrante and later punched Mr Platt accusing him of taking advantage.

It's unlikely this heralds the start of a surprise new romance on the cobbles, as Jack P Shepherd reveals: "David doesn't have any feelings for Alina, it's a rebound thing because ultimately he wants to be with his wife Shona but he is not getting any affection from her."

coronation street david alina

Mrs Platt is currently recovering from amnesia after being shot. She has no memory of her and David's relationship and announced earlier this week she wants a divorce and never wants to see him again.

"He's tried and tried but he's not getting anywhere with Shona. David is on a downward spiral so when he sees Alina in Victoria Gardens, they strike up a friendship as they are both vulnerable in that moment.

"It's a similar situation to what happened between David and Emma after he was raped, David looks for comfort in the wrong places."

Shona's absence has been concocted to explain actress Julia Goulding's real-life maternity leave (she gave birth to a son in November), but she's back on screen in the coming weeks and Shepherd is hoping all is not lost for the pair, who tied the knot on-screen just before the Christmas shooting.


"I love working with Julia," he shares. "And I really like David and Shona together, I think they have a strong bond. It would be a shame if they split but that's soap!

"Julia would be mortified if they do end up divorced because she loves being a Platt! David is breaking down and Shona's rejection is really affecting him but he is not letting anybody in. Everything may be lost unless David can do something drastic to win Shona back."


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