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Coronation Street newcomer on striking up 'divisive' romance with Daniel: "He deserves a happy ending"

What will the family say?

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Published: Monday, 22nd June 2020 at 7:00 pm

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) seemed to turn a corner when he got chatting to the glamorous Nicky (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) in a bar, showing his first signs that he could be ready to move on after the loss of his wife.


But the Coronation Street favourite makes a discovery about his new flame that stuns him.

He soon learns that Nicky is a sex worker and he is horrified, with Simpson giving and other press her take on what she thinks is going on in his head when he learns the news.

"The way I feel about it is that Daniel isn’t hurt that she is a sex worker, I think he’s hurt that he thought somebody genuinely liked him and he’s embarrassed by that. So when he reacts the way he does, he is just embarrassed and wants to go."

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But that is not the end of the story as we can expect to see more of Nicky in the future, with Daniel not wasting any time in arranging another visit despite his reservations. For Simpson, she thinks that despite his shock at her career choice, there could be a chance for happiness for these two down the road.

“I think he deserves a happy ending. He needs to laugh a bit and to find himself again and I don’t think he is rushing or moving on too quickly. You can’t time love. I would love for them to have a happy future together where they are best friends and they help each other.”

Upcoming scenes will show Daniel pay a visit to Nicky at her hotel and she soon becomes a confidante for him, leading him to share the details about Sinead's death and to tell her how lonely he really is - something he has tried to keep hidden from his friends and family.

But with Daniel and Sinead having a passionate fanbase, is Simpson worried that her character is coming in and treading on the toes of the beloved former regular? Not really, in fact, she is relishing the challenge.

"It can go two ways. On the one hand, you’ll have people saying it’s too quick but on the other, they’ll be those saying just let him be, he deserves some happiness. You want to divide the audience and I’m ready for that, throw that at me. I think there is going to be some backlash that she s a sex worker for sure, but I think in time they’ll get to like her and see a different side to her."


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