Coronation Street crash spoilers: who lives? who dies? And who’s going to be stitching the knickers?

The stars of Corrie answer our burning questions...

Now, any loyal Coronation Street fan knows that there’s a large-scale disaster in the offing next week. Yes, a minibus carrying the staff of Underworld is going to flip over and be left dangling over a precipice.


But will everyone make it out alive? Or has somebody sewn their last piece of underwear? And if all the factory workers are going to end up in hospital, then who’ll be making sure that the orders go out on time? caught up with the likes of Antony Cotton (Sean), Katy Cavanagh (Julie), Andy Whyment (Kirk), Katie McGlynn (Sinead), Sally Dynevor (Sally), Amy Kelly (Maddie), Kate Ford (Tracy) and Kym Marsh (Michelle) to seek out answers to all these vital questions.


Here’s our full report…