Coronation Street: Craig reveals his love for Bethany – Colson Smith interview

"People have sent messages to Lucy Fallon and I saying that they want Craig and Bethany to get together," says the actor


Coronation Street fans could get their wish in an upcoming episode of the ITV soap when nice guy Craig finally admits his feelings for Bethany. But will he be able to win her over following a traumatic year for the troubled teen? Here, actor Colson Smith reveals his hopes for a Bethany and Craig relationship and why fans want them to be together…


So, how is Craig and Bethany’s relationship prior to him expressing his feelings?
Craig’s very fond of Bethany and he has been for a long while. Those feelings got stronger throughout the storyline with Neil and Nathan, so Craig now feels quite a responsibility to her  and it has developed into a crush. It’s now got to the point where his emotions are spiralling out of control and he has to do something to win Bethany over before it’s too late.

Is he nervous about making a move?
After everything that’s happened to Bethany, he’s quite reserved and doesn’t want to be too full on with her in case it puts her off.  He cares about Bethany as a friend as well as having crush on her.

Does he worry that if he makes a move and it goes wrong that their friendship will be ruined?
Craig has always been a shy person around people and he’s never really gone at something, but it gets to the stage with his feelings that he can’t be awkward anymore and he’s just got to pluck up the courage.


What happens when Bethany approaches Craig and asks him to come round for pizza?
He’s really scared, but he wants to impress her, so he gets his best shirt out, gets his hair done and sprays loads of aftershave to impress Bethany and to win her over.

So how is Craig feeling when he’s knocking on the door of Number Eight?
He’s really nervous, but he’s got it in his head that this is the right time to tell Bethany. He’s had a pep talk from Beth who’s told him it’s now or never. So he’s ready – he’s plucked up the courage. He knocks on the door and thinks that it’s the right time to tell Bethany about his feelings.

So how does it go?
He puts on a brave front. Obviously, he’s awkward already and it’s not the easiest conversation to have for anyone. But for Craig it it is even more difficult. But he goes for it and asks her the question…


Do you think that Craig and Bethany are a good match?
Yeah, Craig has looked after Bethany and he’s always been there for her. She hasn’t been very nice to him at times, but he’s overlooked that because he’s so mad and crazy for her. Craig would be a good boyfriend to Bethany, but I’m not sure how Bethany would be to Craig.

What is it about Bethany that Craig likes so much?
They have a good friendship and they’re similar ages. They’ve supported each other and have a lot of laughs together.

What do you think the viewers’ reactions will be?
I think the viewers would be really happy if Craig and Bethany got together. It’s been a thing that people have been asking for and it’s two characters that work well together, so people enjoy seeing them on screen. People have sent messages to Lucy and I saying that they want Craig and Bethany to get together.

And what’s the best thing about working with Lucy Fallon?
We have a laugh together and we get along. We’re probably the only two that are this age in the cast, so we’ve always been close. We’ve had a lot of scenes together in quite a short period of time and it’s great to work with her.

What advice would you give to Craig?
Don’t mess it up!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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