Eileen Grimshaw's plan to leave Coronation Street for a new start with lover Jan Lozinski has been wrecked after the Polish police informant fled Weatherfield without her - but on the plus side this appears to guarantee fan favourite Sue Cleaver's future on the show.

The cursed cab office worker was all set to sneak off to live under witness protection with brave Jan, following the attempt on his life from the human trafficking ring he shopped to the cops, with only lodger Seb Franklin in the know about her intentions.

While Eileen booked a 'holiday' from Streetcars, which co-workers Steve McDonald and Tim Metcalfe didn't realise she might never return from, Sean Tully got wind of what was going on from Seb as he pumped him for gossip in the Rovers and secretly visited recovering Jan in hospital, urging him to leave his close pal behind so as not to put her in danger.

Confused when she got to the ward only to be told Jan had discharged himself, upset Eileen returned home where she was handed a goodbye letter by Sean that the bearded builder had given him to pass on.

coronation street jan

Reading that Jan had left without her, enraged Eileen laid into Sean, accusing him of interfering in her life and ruining her only chance of happiness.

Still smarting from 2018's disastrous romance with serial killer Pat Phelan, poor old Eileen must now be thinking she can really pick them - although she might have ended up dead had she gone with Jan…

Coronation Street confirmed there are currently no plans for Jan to return after tonight's exit, so Eileen will no doubt be wallowing in despair as she tries to pick up the pieces of another shattered relationship. But the door is open, so you never know…

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