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Coronation Street: Killer Clayton will return to 'take advantage' of vulnerable Shona

Clayton is still up to his old tricks, it seems.

Published: Wednesday, 20th May 2020 at 4:47 pm

When Shona Ramsay returns to Coronation Street following her time away with amnesia, she will soon see her son again and, true to form, he will use the situation to try and manipulate her.


Speaking to and other journalists, Shona star Julia Goulding told us that she is the one that requests to see Clayton (Callum Harrison), and she's pretty surprised to see him.

"She remembers him to be a lot younger than he is," Goulding says of Clayton. "Currently, he's around 21, but she remembers him as an early teenager - so it is quite a shock when she actually sees him. But her care worker, Alice, does forewarn her that he does look a lot different from what she remembers."

Whilst Shona doesn't know everything that Clayton has done, Alice is aware that the information she is being given may not be the most accurate.

"Alice, being the professional, she can't just step in to say that what Clayton is telling her is not necessarily true," Goulding explains. "Obviously, she doesn't know too much about it because it's about the past, but he is quite rude to Alice and his mask starts to slip. He upsets Shona, as he always does."

Goulding also alluded to the fact that we will be seeing a very different Shona when she returns, revealing: “Due to the nature of her brain injury, her reactions are somewhat enhanced. Whereas a little thing beforehand she would have just batted away, she can react in quite an explosive manner at the moment.”

Show boss Iain MacLeod also says that he believes David and Shona are a love story and that we should hold out hope for a happy ending to this story. We certainly hope so!


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