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Carla Connor takes over the Rovers in Coronation Street as Johnny flees to France

The landlord is desperate to escape his past

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Published: Thursday, 16th April 2020 at 5:11 pm

Johnny Connor's (Richard Hawley) cage has been rattled by the arrival of Rovers lodger Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts) in Coronation Street, a face from the publican's past he is less than pleased to see, and next week he flees the country to avoid confronting whatever it is that went on between them and leaves daughter Carla Connor (Alison King) in charge!


Unnerved to see charming businessman Scott, who has become a temporary tenant in the Weatherfield watering hole's spare room, Johnny immediately suggests to wife Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) they visit Eva Price and his granddaughter Susie in France so he can avoid any awkward conversations.

Jenny, who must be slightly bemused at her husband's insistence they drop everything, worries they won't be able to arrange anyone to cover them until Carla steps in and offers to run the bar with partner Peter Barlow (who was former landlord of the Rovers with ex Toyah Battersby).

So as relieved Johnny and Jenny prepare to say 'au revoir' Mr Connor has a furtive, and highly uncomfortable, confrontation with Scott. On the face of it the fellas acknowledge and play down the fact they used to know each other, but in private it's clear their link is something quite sinister and that nobody wants exposed…

coronation street Johnny scott

Sensing his worry about letting the cat out of the bag, Scott reassures Johnny there are no hard feelings about what went on in the past - but what was it? You can read's theories here

It looks like we'll have to wait until Johnny returns from his French sojourn before we get more info on his and Scott's secret, but meanwhile we have the prospect of Carla becoming temporary boss of the Rovers Return after a quiet few months on screen.

Corrie producer Iain MacLeod hinted earlier this year he was keen to put the fan favourite back at the heart of the show: "Following her mental health story in 2019 I've got an appetite to see Carla back in the saddle and regain her status as Queen of the cobbles," he told us.

coronation street Carla Johnny Jenny sean

"In the spring we discover something about her 'lost weekend', where she went missing during her breakdown after Rana's death, that we haven't known previously and will plant a seed of friction between her and Peter."

Could Scott be the catalyst for this twist? Are Johnny's fears at his presence linked to a desire to protect Carla from something she's not even aware of? Whatever happens, we're seeing this as Carla's audition to run the Rovers full-time. Surely it's got to happen one of these days…


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