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Coronation Street: Carla clashes with Alya over the factory's future after Aidan's suicide - watch the scene

The tragic aftermath begins to take a huge toll

Published: Saturday, 12th May 2018 at 5:43 am

Aidan Connor's death by suicide continues to have a devastating impact in Coronation Street next week, as Carla Connor struggles to run the factory following her brother's tragic demise leading to a tense showdown with colleague Alya Nazir.


In a new teaser scene from Monday's episode, Carla tries to get back to normal as best she can at Underworld, but the usually cool-headed businesswoman is clearly still processing the tragedy.

Surrounded by memories of Aidan, she chats to co-worker Alya about how strange the place is without him, but her hackles go up when the ladies squabble over Carla going against her brother's wishes and changing an order he'd agreed to without consulting anyone.

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Angrily ordering Alya out of the office, shaken Carla then picks up Aidan's phone and can't bring herself to tell the person on the other end where he is when asked. As cousin Michelle Connor arrives, she witnesses Carla almost on the verge of crumbling as she fights back tears, awkwardly lying to the caller that Aidan is 'unavailable', unable to admit he's died.

Later next week, Michelle finds Aidan's will and is stunned by the contents - what does it reveal about Underworld's future?


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