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Coronation Street boss promises coronavirus storylines won't "dominate" ITV soap

The soap will continue to put original storylines front and centre.

Published: Wednesday, 6th May 2020 at 11:10 am

The boss of ITV soap Coronation Street has said that the programme won't be "dominated" by coronavirus storylines when it resumes filming episodes.


Iain MacLeod spoke to and other press about the future of the long-running series, highlighting its continued focus on representing modern Britain, even in exceptional times.

He said: "We talked a lot about this, as you can well imagine, about whether Coronation Street would have a coronavirus present in it or whether we would exist in a parallel universe where everything proceeded in a pre-pandemic fashion.

"Ultimately, what I thought was, the Coronation Street that we love is the one that reflects modern Britain, albeit in a more heightened way sometimes. It just felt that if there were no coronavirus in Coronation Street, it would stop being a reflection of modern Britain and would instead be a parallel fantasy land."

However, MacLeod went on to explain that the pandemic will not "dominate" the stories moving forward, acknowledging many Corrie fans follow the series as a welcome break from events happening in the real world.

He continued: "I am also aware that people tune in to Coronation Street for escapism to some degree, and to see drama and stories that they'd never normally experience in their own lives. So, while the virus will exist in Coronation Street, we were also keen that it wouldn't dominate every single story and every single scene."

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