Coronation Street: Adam Barlow in Christmas painkiller overdose horror

Will he die before 2017 is over?


Adam Barlow looks set to have a traumatic Christmas on Coronation Street when he discovers that Billy Mayhew was responsible for the death of his mother Susan.


Adam’s world looks set to fall apart on Christmas Day when Peter reveals that he’s punished Billy for his part in Susan’s demise.

And the situation gets even worse when Rosie hands Adam a letter written by Todd and meant for Billy that reveals he’s done a disappearing act with Summer until the heat dies down.

Convinced that it’s proof Todd knew of Billy’s part in Susan’s death, Adam’s furious and sets fire to the letter, determined that Billy will never read it.


Not knowing who he can trust and feeling a massive sense of betrayal, Adam then resorts to a potentially to downing a potentially lethal mixture of painkillers and whisky.

Scenes to be shown on Boxing Day see Daniel returning home to find a semi-conscious Adam on the floor. But will he able to save him? Or is Adam set to meet his maker before we get to the end of 2017?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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