Iain MacLeod, producer of Coronation Street, has given fans a sneak peek of what lies ahead for the characters, promising an explosive 2023.


Wrapping an eventful year for the residents of Weatherfield, Corrie will continue amping up the drama in upcoming stories, which includes a villain potentially becoming a serial killer and another new wedding.

Read on for more spoilers for 2023.

1. Max will be "red pilled" and seek redemption

Coronation Street Max
Paddy Bever as Max Turner in Coronation Street. ITV

Max Turner (Paddy Wever) has been going down a spiral due to his interest in far-right views and his fascination with racist Griff (Michael Condron). In 2023, however, there's some light at the end of the tunnel for the teenager, who will have his very own redemption arc. MacLeod commented: "This storyline will reach its climax in the first couple of months of the year. By the start of 2023, Max has well and truly been red pilled and even more estranged from his family than he has been. It will lead him into extremely dangerous territory, it's fair to say. He will, over the course of 2023, realise the error of his ways. A lot of what we’re doing after that is about him being deprogrammed and un-brainwashed. There is a redemption on the horizon for him after what he's been through. After effects like with all stories last for a very long time after that."

2. Nina gives Roy a smartphone

coronation street roy cropper wk 47 2021
Roy Cropper in Coronation Street. ITV

This uncle and niece duo played by David Neilson and Mollie Gallagher will have a heartwarming, hilarious moment when Nina decides to gift Roy a smartphone for Christmas. It's a first for the technology-adverse character and will turn dramatic when the owner of Roy's Rolls leaves his phone behind and ends up being in danger, consequently worrying Nina. Ultimately, Roy understands Nina is right and decides to stick with his new phone, developing an addiction for it — "Roy’s not going to be posting TikTok videos or anything like that... although now I say that out loud it feels like a missed opportunity," MacLeod laughed.

3. Damon is the new baddie on the cobbles

Jack James Ryan and Ciarán Griffiths as Jacob and Damon Hay in a scene of Coronation Street. They're standing in the street and talking to each other, but Jacob seems uncomfortable.
Will Jacob bring his dad Damon back into his life? ITV

Harvey's (Will Mellor) brother Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) moves to Weatherfield to patch things up with his son Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan). While it's clear Jacob doesn't want much to do with his estranged father, this doesn't seem to discourage Damon as he soon gets involved in all kinds of dodgy businesses on the cobbles. In the new year, viewers will get to see why Damon and his more polished, jovial veneer could pose an even bigger threat than his brother. Of course, MacLeod has weighed in on bringing Mellor, who was part of the 2022 Strictly Come Dancing line-up, back to Corrie. Commenting on what he'd love to see, MacLeod hinted: "At some point I’d love to think we can get Harvey on the Street and stick him in a room with Damon - by the time Harvey were to get out, him and Damon would be absolute enemies. The idea of Harvey versus Damon in the future is tantalising." We're in, too.

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4. Fiz and Tyrone will have some parenting issues

Fiz and Tyrone in Coronation Street
The couple are troubled by the past. ITV

Thought most of the Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) troubles would be over as they finally tied the knot on Christmas Day? Think again. Corrie's producer revealed: "Hope's [Isabella Flanagan] surname is still Stape, which is mad, even after the wedding. She does start to dwell on her dad, and a little bit of corrupted information on John from her half-sister Jade. She develops a toxic curiosity about him that leads to fairly interesting, blackly comedic territory."

In a new storyline, Hope will be involved in a feud with an adult neighbour and there will be an adorable chinchilla involved. We already feel for the poor pet.

5. Stephen may kill again - but who could be next?

Stephen Reid in Coronation Street.
Stephen Reid in Coronation Street. ITV

Down-on-his-luck businessman Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) could add another victim or two to his list after what he did to Leo Tompkins (Joe Frost). The character is determined to hide his past crimes, which may prove difficult as Leo's father and Jenny's former schoolmate Teddy (Grant Burgin) starts snooping around and becomes increasingly suspicious. Given what Stephen did the last time he felt cornered, there's a real chance he will resort to extreme measures once again. As if that wasn't enough, Stephen and Carla Connor (Alison King) won't see eye to eye as he joins Underworld, with the textiles factory owner belittling him in front of clients.

MacLeod hinted it won't be straight-forward, saying: "Psychological warfare begins between those two, freighted with knowledge on viewers part who know he's killed someone. So when Carla belittles Stephen and makes him make the tea, undercutting him in front of clients she is unwittingly poking this hornets nest. At some point all the hornets do come out, but probably not in the way you expect. If anyone predicts what Stephen does to Carla I’ll eat my hat! His plan is so out there and dark that Id be incredibly surprised if anyone spots it coming over the hill." Consider us intrigued...

6. Daniel and Daisy are getting ready to say "I do", but danger awaits

Daisy and Daniel in Coronation Street
Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley and Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street. ITV

There's another wedding on the cobbles as Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) are set to walk down the aisle in the new year. Unsurprisingly, planning the big day will lead to a culture clash between the future bride and groom, with Daisy wanting her wedding to be extra and Daniel suggesting they do a Dickens-themed ceremony. As Daisy's "selfish and chaotic" mum Christina (Amy Robbins) has just been cast in the role, we should expect to see her soon wreaking havoc on her daughter's life.

Speaking about impending danger, MacLeod said: "The headline description is that this is about a young woman on the internet and the dangers that face influencers. That brings her into a certain degree of danger as the wedding approaches. Daisy wants everything to be a bit extra, but in the background, a creeping danger arises from her online life. By the time that surfaces, it takes a while for them to realise danger's brewing, and we’re into an interesting current, socially-important story with far-reaching psychological impact running across the whole of 2023, and threatens their relationship, leads to her faith in him being shaken as she maybe has her head turned..."

7. It may end badly for Summer and couple Mike and Esther

Harriet Bibby as Summer Spellman in Coronation Street
Harriet Bibby as Summer Spellman in Coronation Street. ITV

MacLeod hinted at some further complications ahead for former Oxbridge candidate Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), entangled in her web of lies as a surrogate for Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther Hargrave (Vanessa Hehir) which "is going to end badly". The teen will find herself in mortal danger in an attempt to do right by the couple and make up for her deceits following her miscarriage, ignoring the massive red flags on their part. It will be a heartbreaking storyline for Summer, forced to make hard decisions to redeem herself and possibly paying the highest price. Luckily, her three dads Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will be on her side, working together to help her get back on track.

8. Abi will reconnect with someone from her past

coronation street abi franklin wk 41 2021
Sally Carman as Abi Franklin on Coronation Street. ITV

It's been a rough couple of years for Abi Webster (Sally Carman) following her son Seb's (Harry Visinoni) brutal murder in 2021, followed by the ramifications of a one-night stand with Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo). After the latter died in a car crash, Abi was given custody of their baby Alfie, who she initially rejected. The year will close on a positive, with Abi living with her husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and raising Alfie and Jack together.

In good news, 2023 will have "more happiness than sadness". Abi will meet someone from her past, leading to a massive, comedic culture clash. MacLeod said: "Abi is reconnecting with somebody from her past who transpires to be the last possible person you'd expect to find in her backstory! She will meet somebody from her past that she has a historical connection with who is the polar opposite - it's an odd couple story."

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