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Coronation Street to revisit Carla mental health story with shock blast from the past

"It plants a seed of friction between her and Peter," teases producer

coronation street carla connor peter barlow
Published: Friday, 10th January 2020 at 2:29 pm

Carla Connor's breakdown following the factory roof collapse of 2019 thrust Coronation Street fan favourite Alison King into the spotlight, with a groundbreaking episode told entirely from her point of view as she lost her grip on reality. It's fair to say things have been fairly quiet for the ex-Underworld boss since then - but that's all about to change.


Discussing the soap's exciting year ahead, producer Iain MacLeod told that Carla will soon be at the centre of a storyline that revisits her mental health plot and sheds new light on what happened when she went missing from the street and was eventually found in a dingy squat with no recollection of where she'd been.

"In April we discover something about her ‘lost weekend’, where she went missing during her breakdown, that we haven’t known previously," reveals the show boss. "This provides a real bump in the road for her and boyfriend Peter Barlow – ultimately he forgives her and they will survive, but it plants a seed of friction between them.”

coronation street carla connor

After a decade of a tumultuous on-and-off, occasionally destructive, romance, troubled souls Carla and Peter are in a good place for once, and their legion of fans will be pleased to hear MacLeod intends to keep it that way - for now, at least.

"They are our Taylor and Burton," he smiles. "Will they be together in 10 years' time? Who knows? But I don't see them splitting up in the foreseeable future. What they are about to face is interesting as it occurred during a time when Carla wasn't in possession of her mental health.

"Following Carla's mental health story I’ve got an appetite to see her back in the saddle. We needed to have a period where she looked after self, rather than run a business like the ball-breaking go-getter we know she can be. Now I'd like to see her regain her status as Queen of the cobbles."


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