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Coronation Street spoilers: Nick and Leanne's marriage can't survive, says Ben Price

"It’s going to become very difficult for them to move forward," reveals the actor

Published: Monday, 11th November 2013 at 11:01 pm

Leanne’s love for Nick is to be put to the test in upcoming episodes when he snaps at Simon. In scenes to be shown next week, Leanne will find her hopes for normality quickly fading after Nick has another surprise outburst. The shock incident leads Leanne to suggest that Simon should stay with Peter and Carla as she worries that Nick’s unpredictability might be too much for the young lad to handle.


But is Nick’s condition also taking too much of a toll on Leanne? Can their marriage survive the strain? Here, actor Ben Price what lies ahead as the Tilsleys struggle to keep their relationship on track:

Does Nick feel responsible at all for the destruction of his family?
Nick feels that David is entirely to blame. Nick certainly knows that he’s not the easiest person to be around at the minute, but if it wasn’t for David’s actions then they wouldn’t all be in this state. David put Nick in this place. That’s all Nick can see.

How would you say Nick is coping with his recovery?
Outwardly, Nick might seem as though he’s doing OK. He’s putting a brave face on and is determined to get back to normal. But inside I really think Nick is struggling to come to terms with what’s happened to him and how far it’s set him back.

Is the support he’s receiving from his family helping him?
Nick is getting so frustrated with his mum - he’s fed up of her fussing around him all the time. He feels as though she’s wrapping him up in cotton wool. Gail is a constant reminder that he has a long road to recovery.

Is Nick trying to do too much too soon?
Yes, definitely. He’s desperate to get back to normal and that’s part of the problem. He wants his life back. It’s all about the ‘look’. Nick is desperate to look as though he’s better - if he looks better, he might start to feel more himself again too. He just wants people to think he’s coping.

So how does Nick feel about David being made homeless?
He’s not happy about it at all - not because David’s on the Street but because he’s still hanging around Weatherfield. He wants David gone; he wants him to leave. He doesn’t care where David is. Nick’s well and truly had enough of him.

Tell us what happens when Nick goes to meet the wine supplier?
The meeting with a wine supplier completely slips his mind. I really didn’t want to make too much of the memory lapses. It’s not that his memory is going, it’s more that he’s struggling to contain everything that’s going on in his head. When he goes to pick Simon up from school without telling anyone, Nick doesn’t see that there’s anything wrong with that. He thinks that as an adult, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Before the accident Nick used to pick him up all of the time so he can’t see why now should be any different. He’s completely overloading himself and that’s why things like these meetings are slipping his mind. But this isn’t the biggest part of Nick’s injury. I was keen to make the anger and the mood swings a bigger part of it.

How does Nick feel about Leanne having taken him back?
A mixture of emotions, really. He’s happy to have Leanne back, but then he also can’t escape the thought that it’s going to be difficult and that they have a long way to go to get things back to the way they were.

He’s grateful for her being around, but he knows that what he did with Kylie is going to have to play out at some point. Nick’s not stupid. He slept with his sister-in-law; at some point that’s going to cause problems along the way for him and Leanne. It might be OK between them for now, but at some point it’s going to become very difficult for them to move forward.

Is he conscious that his injuries could have a huge impact on their marriage?
He desperately doesn’t want Leanne to be his mum or his carer. But that’s what she’ll become if she carries on looking after him all of the time. It’s not as easy as Leanne being back in his life and them being able to pick up where they left off. They’ve got complications to overcome. There are three in their relationship now: Leanne, Nick, and his injury.

So is Nick taking his frustrations out on her?
No, I don’t think it’s to do with Leanne as such - it’s strange. The frustrations he has are all to do with himself. He sees Leanne as blameless. In terms of the injury, Leanne’s trying her best, but Nick is so frustrated by it all. That’s what he can’t contain. Leanne’s being so supportive and he knows that.

What’s Leanne’s reaction when Nick snaps at Simon?
Shock. Leanne suddenly realises just how bad it’s got. Nick has no control; he has no cover. He can snap at any point and he can’t control when or how.

Do you think Nick realises that he’s having these mood swings?
Yes, immediately. It all comes out and then he instantly regrets it, but he just can’t control it.

How does Peter feel about Nick’s behaviour?
Peter is angry and sad. He can really see that Nick is having issues. They hate each other, but Peter’s still human, so he has empathy for Nick and the situation he’s in. Peter’s had his own problems, but at the end of the day Simon’s his son and he has to protect him.

Does Nick feel bad about Leanne having to send Simon off to live with his Dad?
Yes, definitely. She’s fought hard to keep Simon and now he has to go and live with Peter because of him. Simon needs his mum and Nick feels he’s messed that up now because of his affair.

At this stage, do you think the marriage will survive?
At this point, I can’t see it. They’ve a long way to go and a hard road ahead of them.


Do you enjoy playing this nastier Nick?
Yes it’s great. As long as there’s truth there, I get to explore a part of Nick I’ve never had chance to before. It’s a great opportunity as an actor.


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