Nick and David come to blows after Audrey cash confession in Coronation Street – what next for the Platts?

There's a violent confrontation between the brothers as the family falls apart


Coronation Street siblings Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) will go to war after admitting to stealing £80,000 from gran Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), pitting the Platts against each other in a violent showdown.


David can’t live with the guilt of knowing Nick swiped Audrey’s inheritance from old friend Archie Shuttleworth’s will and framed her late lover Lewis Archer, and he reveals all on Tuesday 28th May.

But instead of shopping his brother, David is forced to confess he also got in on the scam – smarting from his gran selling the salon he thought would one day be his – and the boys bought the barber shop business with the stolen loot.

Audrey reels from the double betrayal, finally exposed when Trim Up North’s trainee stylist Natalie Watkins (Cassie Bradley) is identified as the woman on CCTV who withdrew the cash when it was stolen earlier this year – after naughty Nat had blackmailed Nick over paying her to be his accomplice – leaving Mrs Roberts’ guilty grandsons with no choice but to come clean.

The fallout continues as part of Corrie’s epic week – with nightly 9pm showings – on Wednesday 29th May, when David and Nick come to blows, with Nick blaming his loose-lipped little brother for caving and telling all, potentially putting them in line for a prison sentence.


“Nick tries to stop David spilling the beans but by this time David is determined,” says Price. “As David goes through with telling Audrey the truth there is a choice for Nick to make and I feel it is right that he comes out fighting. Nick shows David is just as bad as him, he blackmailed Nick and they opened the barber’s – if the barber’s does well they will pay Audrey back, she never had the money in the first place so actually it was an investment.

“It doesn’t look great that he stole it but in the long run Audrey will get it back – that is the thought Nick has always held on to,” continues the actor. “Nick was of the opinion Lewis would definitely have got his hands on the money anyway and that his gran would never have seen it again. It fits his narrative that even though Lewis was about to propose he was still after her money.”


The fragile alliance between the brothers is shattered, as pictures of the fight immediately after the confession show, and Price confirms this alters the already volatile dynamic. “Nick is furious David didn’t have the balls to see this through. After everything David has done to the family over the years he hasn’t got what it takes to push through, all he needed to do was keep his gob shut and get rid of Natalie – Nick sees that as a weakness.”

Will Audrey report Nick and David to the police?

Street veteran Nicholls warns Audrey’s reaction means this week’s doomed holiday will be the last time the Platts play happy families for a while…

“When David tells her everything she just doesn’t take it in, as you can imagine it’s a lot to get her head around. David and Nick start throwing accusations and Audrey is even more muddled.

Coronation Street

“For Audrey it’s not even about the money, it’s that they allowed her to think that Lewis, the man she loved, had done this to her. That is devastating.”

On Monday 3rd June both Nick and David are arrested as the net closes in, not only for robbing their grandmother but the slippery Mr Tilsley’s dodgy finances still link him to the Underworld factory collapse and death of Rana Habeeb. Does that mean Audrey calls the cops on her own flesh and blood?


“Audrey is feeling very hurt and the fact Gail will probably back the boys is like opening a wound again,” muses the actress, who has played the much-loved matriarch for four decades. “After the family were so against Lewis, Audrey had reconciled with them, then when she thought he had stolen from her she had to make up with Gail and everybody. Audrey’s family have wronged her.

“The Platts have never been this fractured and I am interested to see how it develops. I don’t know what is going to happen next, I will enjoy getting my scripts and finding out!”


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