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Murder shock as David threatens Nick in Coronation Street showdown

The Platt brothers turn on each other as a deadly secret resurfaces

Published: Wednesday, 16th January 2019 at 8:56 pm

The animosity between brothers David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) reached new heights in Coronation Street on Wednesday 16 January when David threatened his deceitful sibling with a razor blade for stealing £80,000 from gran Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls). But nasty Nick turned the tables and gave David a taste of his own medicine with a shock blackmail move…


Nick is desperately covering his tracks for taking the cash Audrey inherited from the late Archie Shuttleworth, pinning it on the late Lewis Archer, in order to pay off demanding ex-wife Elsa. But when a brunette called Natalie showed up in Weatherfield to speak to Nick, David recognised her from the CCTV footage as the mystery woman who withdrew Audrey's loot from a cashpoint and twigged who was really responsible for the robbery.

Luring Nick to the salon after hours with the offer of a wet shave, the tension mounted between the men as David confronted his vulnerable big brother with his suspicions, forcing him to confess his crime while holding a razor blade to his throat.

A showdown ensued as Nick broke free of his grasp - getting off lightly with just a small cut to the face - and insisted he'd merely borrowed the money to secure his future with rekindled old flame Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and has every intention of paying it back - leaving David incredulous at his reasoning that the dosh was never really Audrey's to begin with, as it was an unexpected windfall.


Angry David insisted Nick come clean and at least tell his gran that Lewis really did love her, seeing as he died without having the chance to explain himself and Mr Tilsley is only too happy for everyone to believe Audrey's lover betrayed her. However, as David raced to the bistro where the Platts were about to enjoy a family dinner, his brother caught up with him.

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Ushering David over to the bar, Nick stopped him from revealing all with an extremely low blow - if David tells Audrey the truth, then he'll tell the police what really happened to Callum Logan in the Platts' granny annexe…

What did David have to do with Callum's death?

Callum, violent ex-boyfriend of David's late wife Kylie and biological dad to her son Max, was murdered by Kylie in 2015 when she bludgeoned her former partner with a wrench to stop him attacking Sarah Platt. Kylie, David and Sarah then buried the body beneath the garage conversion which was later discovered and pinned on the late Tony Stewart.


Having previously agreed to keep his siblings' deadly secret, Nick is now prepared to use his knowledge of Callum's true fate to his advantage and stop David from blabbing about Audrey's lost fortune. With the brothers locked in a stalemate position, it's hard to see how the pair will end the week deciding to go into business together to run a barbers' shop - but by Friday 18 January that's exactly what happens… Does this mean Nick and David call a truce with regard to each other's misdemeanours?

Earlier this week Ben Price teased the potential fallout if the rest of the Platts found out about Nick's theft. "This is something different to what they have dealt with before. Usually their problems come from someone on the outside threatening the family and they all pull together, but this time the issue is within. It will divide loyalties and will really test the family…"


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