Nick and David ARRESTED in Coronation Street – will they go to prison?

Ben Price teases huge betrayal for the brothers


Coronation Street‘s Platt family are reeling from the revelation that Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) stole thousands of pounds from granny Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), and when brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) found out the siblings conspired together to invest the cash in their barber’s shop.


On Monday 3rd June the family are at odds and Nick puts pressure on David to accept his offer of taking the blame for the theft in return for ownership of the business – but both boys get arrested on suspicion of theft.

The brothers swiftly turn on each other and David drops Nick in it, telling police he was the one who took the dosh.

On Wednesday 5th June Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) is upset to see her kids fighting and begs her mum to drop the charges, and when ashamed David announces he’s transferred ownership of Trim Up North to his gran she wobbles about taking legal action against her grandsons.

There’s another nail in Nick’s coffin when he’s finally forced to admit everything to partner Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) about stealing Audrey’s money with Natalie’s help, then being blackmailed by David. Will Leanne stand by her man, or has Nick lost everything? And could a prison sentence be looming? Ben Price puts us in the picture…


Is Nick worried that Audrey will go to the police?

This is a fight for survival. Nick needs to protect Leanne and Oliver and wants the factory back, he’s not bothered about David – he wants to get him to admit it was him and will sign over the barbers if he has to. He is fighting fires and narrowed it down to keeping a business and a relationship. He believes his family will come round in the end.

How does he feel about Sarah trying to run Underworld?

He thinks it’s a joke. In Nick’s opinion she is doing it very badly, she wants him out and now she is with Adam Barlow who is supposed to be representing him which is crazy. He is aghast at Sarah’s actions and worried he has no way in.


What are relations like between David and Nick once the truth is out?

This is where it starts to break down and the Cain and Abel dynamic begins. Nick is thinking quickly about what David needs to say to ensure they don’t go to prison. If David follows what he says they have a chance, if he doesn’t they will both go down – but both brothers are trying to undermine each other as quickly as they can.

Could that be their downfall?

Yes that is how things go wrong: once someone decides to tell the truth to try and save their own back everyone pays. There were only the two of them, three with Natalie, but they could have dealt with her. Nick thinks David has gone all moral because he’s got kids to support.


Does Nick think he can keep the truth from Leanne?

If he could he would; if he has to appear in court he wouldn’t want her there. He wants his version of the truth for Leanne, but she is savvy and gives him an ultimatum leaving him no choice but to come clean, but still with what he believes is the truth. Leanne holds all the cards, it’s important she does not become a victim in this.

Are you relishing the prospect of a power struggle between David and Nick?

Yes. It’s very interesting: you spend time building a character up and you slowly destroy them to maybe build up again later. Maybe Nick will stay like that, maybe he will remain arch. You never know what he will do next; he is not constantly doing bad things and at times will redeem himself.

Is he scared of going to prison?

Oh yes that is not his natural place, David could handle it but it is not in Nick’s coping mechanism. He wouldn’t be able to use his suits, his status, his wit, his brain – he will be reduced to being a number. Prison would be a nightmare for him.


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