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Maria's "Netflix and chill" dating profile on Coronation Street gets x-rated responses

The stylist's faux pas gets her a lot of attention

Published: Tuesday, 2nd July 2019 at 5:17 pm

Coronation Street’s Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) will come to rue her decision to put “Netflix and chill” among her interests on a dating site when she starts to receive a load of raunchy responses.


The lovelorn hair stylist was seen making the unfortunate faux-pas in Monday’s double bill of the ITV soap, not realising what the phrase actually meant. But Wednesday’s episodes of Corrie will see Maria left horrified and deleting the app after Bethany clues her in on what the term implies.

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What does “Netflix and chill” mean?

Poor Maria obviously thought that listing this as a preferred pastime meant that she was telling potential suitors that she enjoyed relaxing in front of the TV binge-watching the latest on-demand shows.

What she’d failed to understand is that “Netflix and chill” is a slang term that has – ahem – sexual connotations. The implication being that watching Netflix is merely the precursor to viewers then getting passionate.

Not exactly what Maria had in mind…

Long-time Corrie fans know, of course, that Maria’s love life can best be described as chequered. In case you’ve forgotten, she’s the grim reaper of relationships (RIP Liam Connor, Charlie Stubbs and Aidan Connor) and she also had that sham marriage to gay Argentinian Pablo that resulted in her getting a three-month prison sentence.


So it’s no wonder that this latest gaffe results in a mortified Maria moaning on to GP Ali about her failures in romance and non-existent love life. Ali then suggests that there’s probably someone right under her nose, but a down-in-the-dumps Maria fails to take the hint.


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