Casualty: Ruby gets devastating Violette news and Ethan returns

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Casualty spoilers

Following on from Duffy’s funeral, here’s everything coming on Casualty on Saturday, 15th February 2020.


Violette and Ruby clash as baby Harmony is put in danger

Casualty Violette
Casualty’s Violette
Poor Violette (Kelly Gough) has been desperate to turn her life around following her drug use, and it seems she’s been actually getting the help the needs. That is, until she runs into her ex, Arlo, and is taken down a dodgy road once more. Unfortunately, Violette finds herself using again which unintentionally causes little Harmony to be neglected.
Thankfully, trusty Ruby (Maddy Hill) learns wha’s going on and has to spring into action. Will takes a call from Violette and it sounds like Harmony has suspected meningitis, but will Ruby find her in time?
In the meantime, Violette plans to run away with Harmony, not wanting to get into trouble if she goes to the hospital. Will she get her daughter the help she needs?

Will gets a taste of his own medicine

Casualty Will
Casualty’s Will
Womaniser Will (Jack Nolan) can’t keep the smile off his face when he reveals he’s spent the night with Lara from IT. He brags about it to Archie, adding how successful he is on the dating apps – lucky him! But Connie isn’t best pleased and interrupts the jovial chat to ask where his overdue report is.
In a twist of fate, he has to call Lara when he’s having some problems accessing his report and after a bit of miscommunication, the pair end up in a tense argument. But since she has control over his computer, has he made a very, very silly error?

Ethan returns

Casualty Ethan
Casualty’s Ethan
Ethan (George Rainsford) makes a welcome return to the Emergency Department but he finds a very sad state of affairs as everyone is still trying to come to terms with Mason’s death. What’s more, he gets an especially cold reception from Rash (Neet Mohan). But a surprisingly difficult case brings them together and forces them to address the tension between them. Can they work through their issues for the good of the ED?
Casualty airs Saturday 17th February at 9.10pm