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Rash makes a shocking discovery in Casualty about Ollie – what has Rosa done?

And will anyone believe him?

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Published: Saturday, 12th June 2021 at 5:00 pm

Ollie Hide (Harry Collett) has been a cause for concern in Casualty as he has been unwell and nobody has been able to put their finger on exactly what is wrong with him - well, until now anyway.


Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) thinks that he has found the cause of the problem in scenes to be shown in this Saturday's episode and if his assumptions are correct then he has discovered something far more sinister than he could ever have imagined.

He is first alerted to the cause when he orders some tests after believing that Ollie's illness could have been caused by something he had eaten. While he has no hunches what that could have been, he soon starts to believe that it could be deliberate and that Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Sallés) could be the guilty party,

rash ollie casualty

His hunch comes about when Rosa begins acting strangely - something that David (Jason Durr) also notices - and she sneaks Ollie out of the hospital for a trip to get some hot chocolate that leads to him feeling decidedly worse than he already did.

Rash now finds himself in a tough spot as he knows how huge the accusation would be but when he gets a second opinion, it appears that the poisoning theory has been confirmed and he knows he needs to act fast and tread carefully at the same time.

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He does some more digging and when he learns that Ollie ate food prepared by Rosa just before his symptoms flared back up, that serves as all the proof he needs to go to David with what he knows - hopeful that he will be believed.

David is left rattled by what is he told and he begins to doubt many things about Rosa's past while trying to work out whether she could be capable of something so vicious. But Rosa forcing some water on Ollie is enough for him to act and he does just that - accusing her of poisoning him in front of everybody.

Are Rash and David right, or is there something else going with Ollie? Either way, expect fireworks from Rosa...


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