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Casualty explores aftermath of Luka's devastating diagnosis

More heartbreak on the wards of Holby General

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Published: Saturday, 1st August 2020 at 6:30 pm

There was devastating news on Casualty for Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) and Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) last week, and the latest episode will show that things are not going to be getting any easier for the heartbroken pair.


Discovering that seven-year-old Luka has an inoperable brain tumour, he was immediately started on treatment but they were given the crushing blow that there is no longer anything that can be done to help him.

Now, as they attend an appointment to discuss the future, they learn that he cannot be part of any more therapy and the two find themselves at odds over what to do next. Will they find a way to get on the same page for the sake of Luka?

Recent scenes have shown a new side to Lev with his backstory in Russia indicating that he was in love with a man. He has also been on a gay dating app and has seemingly been arranging to meet a man on there.

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The diagnosis has hit him hard and viewers will see that he tries to push Faith away and become convinced that his colleagues are all talking about him behind his back. As he looks for a way to distract himself, will he go back to the dating site, and with this timebomb set to go off, how will Faith cope if she finds this out on top of everything else?

And then there is Dylan Keogh (William Beck) who has long been harbouring feelings for Faith. This week sees him make a discovery after disapproving of Lev's treatment of her and it is one that could change the game completely. But will Dylan use what he has found to his advantage, or could he decide to hold off given recent events?

Elsewhere on this week's Casualty, David Hide (Jason Durr) gets some good news when he hears that Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Sallés) is on her way home but he begins to think that his bipolar could be triggered because of the upheaval. Will he be able to provide a welcome home that Rosa will approve of?


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