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Jan makes a dangerous decision in Casualty - will she lose everything?

She may regret helping her son out...

jan casualty
Published: Saturday, 6th March 2021 at 7:00 pm

Jan Jennings (Di Botcher) was rocked when her son, Ross West (Chris Gordon), made a surprise appearance on the wards at Holby General in Casualty and was clearly in yet another dangerous situation that he needed help with.


She soon learned that his fellow prison inmates discovered he was a drug dealer and that his mum is a paramedic and he wants her to steal prescription medication that he can pass onto them.

While Jan was torn over what to do, she makes her decision this week and it soon becomes clear that she could lose everything as a result.

Having agreed to do as she was asked, Jan begins to feel dread as she gets the call to inform her that it is the day she needs to get the drugs delivered to the prison. Ross is grateful to his mum for helping him out and lets her know an accident at the prison will be her way in.

As the day goes on, her mood worsens and the anxiety at what she is about to do causes her to lash out at her colleagues who are all confused as to what is bothering her. A deceased patient ends up being her way to get hold of the pills and after swiping them, she makes her way to the prison for the hand off.


The accident she has been called to is a serious one with the victim having his throat slashed and she hides the drugs while trying to save his life. But with the drugs planted, Jan hopes that the ordeal is over - only it does not take long for things to get worse.

A patient from the prison is admitted and Jan is rocked when she learns he is there after overdosing on prescription medication. Will the patient survive, and will Jan be able to live with herself after what she has done?


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