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Casualty's Fenisha breaks the rules and puts her life in danger

Will she come to regret her actions?

Published: Friday, 22nd May 2020 at 6:40 pm

High drama to come as Casualty returns to BBC One tomorrow as Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D'Lima) puts her life on the line and goes against orders at the scene of an accident. Will she end up regretting her decision?


Fenisha has already been central to her fair share of the drama of late, hiding the fact she did not go through with terminating her pregnancy but keeping the secret from the baby's father, Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford).

This week sees the action unfold at a wrestling competition where things quickly begin to go wrong.

Having taken on extra shifts due to financial worries brought on by the secret pregnancy, she arrives at the scene and instantly sees how dire things are. She is warned by Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) to wait for the fire brigade to arrive before going to help. Fenisha does not listen to this advice, however, instead choosing to rush in and help when she spots an injured person in need.

Things go south quickly though as debris caves in and rain down on her, trapping the pair of them and hurting her ankle in the process. Whilst she does get out of the situation relatively unscathed health-wise, her professional life takes a bit of a knock as she is hauled over the coles for not following protocol and endangering herself in the process.

fenisha casualty

Jan, who gives her the telling off, does not hold back at letting her know how she feels and her frustrations with Fenisha only grow when she refuses to take painkillers to help with her injury. Seeing no other choice, Jan issues her with an official warning- which Fenisha does not respond too well.

For Jan, she wants to make sure that she does not have to watch as another paramedic ruins their career, but will Fenisha heed the warning and sort herself out, or is she going to end up risking everything?


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