Six shows on UKTV Play that are perfect for a voyage of discovery

Fancy a bit of escapism or discovering something new? Find Yesterday on demand with the UKTV Play app and enjoy some fascinating shows and documentaries.

Watching TV on the sofa

There’s nothing quite like easing yourself into the familiar embrace of your favourite TV shows after a long day. And, with the real-life gems Yesterday has to offer, you’ll be able soothe your mind with the very best documentaries and take yourself on epic journeys.


Best of all, with UKTV Play, you can enjoy back-to-back episodes of Yesterday’s unmissable series whenever you feel like it. Plus, not only is this video-on-demand TV app seriously easy to use, but it’s also completely free – just like iPlayer. All you need to do is download the app onto your TV or mobile, or search UKTV Play online and register. Simple!

Once you get going, you can lose yourself in great TV wherever and whenever you want. Experience British wanderlust like never before as you voyage across the country with Michael Portillo in Great British Railway Journeys, or witness some of the world’s brightest engineers attempt to preserve Britain’s military history in Warbird Workshop. After all, sometimes the greatest stories aren’t those that have been plucked from someone’s imagination, but those that have really been lived!

Along with shows from Yesterday, you’ll find Dave and Drama available on demand with UKTV Play too. So whether you’ve missed a show and need to catch up or are simply in the mood for a bit of box set escapism, it’s all there, completely free on your TV, mobile or online. Ready to be entertained? Read on to discover just some of the celebrated shows that are available on Yesterday now.

The Architecture the Railways Built

In this fascinating series, railway expert and train enthusiast Tim Dunn explores the incredible architecture that line the UK and Europe’s railway networks. From modest stations made up of simple stone buildings to those rich with Victorian grandeur, Tim sets out to uncover the charming truths behind each and every one – and stations are just the beginning. Imposing viaducts, unique railway hotels, tunnels, swimming pools and even Turkish baths are just some of the other beguiling structures uncovered in this UKTV Original.

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Great British Railway Journeys

It’s full steam ahead in this captivating documentary series that sees Michael Portillo travel the length and breadth of the country by train. Armed with his Bradshaw’s Guide (the first comprehensive timetable and travel guide of Great Britain’s railway system produced by cartographer George Bradshaw), Michael visits regional landmarks, chats with residents and tucks into local foods. Follow him as he explores how society and industry have changed since the guide was first published in 1840.

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Bangers and Cash

There are car enthusiasts, and then there are the Mathewsons, a dynasty of classic car auctioneers who are always on the hunt for rare vehicles to resell. In this charming documentary series, each vehicle – and customer – has a unique story to tell, and the team won’t rest until they pair the right person with the right set of wheels. Abounding with rare and wonderful motors, including a 1980s Ford Sierra Cosworth to a rare collection of vintage tractors, every episode tells you all you need to know about the process of reselling a car, from that first phone call all the way through to finalising the sale.

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Warbird Workshop

Meet the brave engineers and aviators endeavouring to keep the UK’s most iconic warplanes in the air. This thrilling series seamlessly blends the power of restoration with an intriguing look at military history, and you can follow the painstaking work of talented engineers as they attempt to recreate long-forgotten components in a bid to get ancient engines bursting into life again after decades of silence. What’s more, you’ll discover the stories of the men who flew these planes, the part they played in history and the challenges the repair presents for the restorers and pilots.

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Abandoned Engineering

Ever looked at an abandoned construction project or building and wondered what might have been? Well, wonder no more as the Abandoned Engineering team investigate why and how large projects were built, the financial and social costs of their failure, and the consequences these deserted structures will have on the environment. But all is not lost – you’ll also see the experts present plans in the hope of making something brilliant and new from the ruins.

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Nazi Murder Mysteries

Theories, conspiracies and seriously dark tales collide in this gripping series that looks at some of the most shocking and bizarre cases connected to the regime. From the suspicious death of Hitler’s niece and the serial killer that terrorised Berlin, to the corrupt murder investigation that linked the former King of Great Britain to Nazi money.

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