If you feel like your Zoom meetings have been missing a little glitz and glamour, then the BBC might just have you covered.

The broadcaster has unveiled a suite of over 100 empty sets from its most popular and enduring TV shows for use as Zoom backgrounds, including the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom floor and and various iterations of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

The sets are split into six categories - Science Fiction, Entertainment, Sitcom, Children's Television, Sports and EastEnders - all of which include a wealth of different options.

Other highlights picked out by the BBC include the iconic Queen Vic from EastEnders, Fletch's cell from Porridge and the bridge of the Liberator from Blake's 7.

And you can also make use of the Match of the Day studio, numerous sets from Only Fools and Horses, and some vintage Top of the Pops sets.

To get access to these backgrounds, you need simply visit the BBC's specially created page, click on your chosen background to bring up the full size image before right clicking and select "Save image as...", and setting it as your background image in your chosen video conferencing application.

So whether your a fan of soaps, sci-fi or sitcoms - your weekly meetings might just have got a whole lot more exciting...

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