Would you like this TARDIS drinks machine in your house?

Yes, someone's finally created a Tardis-shaped vending machine, featuring a different Doctor for each fizzy drink


Given that we’ve already had TARDIS key rings, piggy banks and safes, it’s surprising that it’s taken so long for someone to put the first police box-shaped vending machine together.


Florida comic shop Epic Comics recently installed a Tardis vending machine at its Orlando premises, which the owners say “can hold a LOT of soda” because (somewhat inevitably) “it’s bigger on the inside.”

As well as its snazzy exterior, the machine also boasts different Doctors on its buttons, meaning that you can push Tom Baker for a tin of Mountain Dew, David Tennant for Pepsi, Christopher Eccleston for Coca Cola, Paul McGann for Diet Coke (one wonders if they were being satirical there) and Matt Smith for Sprite.

While it’s assumed that this is currently the only Tardis vending machine in existence, we hope it won’t be long before BBC Worldwide starts churning them out over here in the UK.

Sadly there’s no word on whether thirsty Epic Comics patrons hear that iconic Tardis roar as their drinks tumble through the machine’s innards, but let’s just imagine they do, shall we?

Check out some pics of the vending machine below and head over to Epic Comics to see the rest.