World War Z 2 and Friday the 13th pulled from cinema release schedules

Now this is scary: neither film will be released this year


Bad news, zombiephiles: the sequel to the undead movie World War Z starring Brad Pitt won’t be released this year.


According to reports in the US, World War Z 2 will not hit cinemas on 9th June 2017 as originally planned. Film studio Paramount have not confirmed a new date, although it’s reported the film has been given more time to develop the script.

WWZ2 was originally set to go head to head with The Mummy on 9th June, a reboot of the franchise that is pitting Tom Cruise against an ancient Egyptian princess set on destroying the earth.

And that’s not all: the remake of Friday the 13th, intended to be released on 13th October this year, has also been moved off the release calendar. However, Mother, a new drama from Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence, will hit the screen in its place.


Overall, it’s creepy swings and eerie roundabouts all round.