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Will Nichelle Nichols be in Star Trek: Discovery?

The actress talks to about the future of the franchise - and her years as Uhura

Published: Friday, 30th September 2016 at 12:41 pm

Actress Nichelle Nichols has hinted that she may be making a guest appearance in new spin-off Star Trek: Discovery.


The 83-year-old star, famed for her role as the USS Enterprise's communications officer Lieutenant Uhura, said to today:

"It depends on what Star Trek: Discovery is about. Somebody from the show was talking to me about it. Maybe I am, I don't know."

The upcoming CBS All Access drama is to premiere in May 2017 and is reported to be set before the events of the original series. But Star Trek has always had a long-standing fascination with time travel, meaning that a cameo from Uhura must surely be at least a possibility.

Asked whether Uhura would now be an admiral thanks to her long service in Starfleet, Nichols replied: "Not on your life! That would be too much work."


The actress is currently visiting the UK to take part in a Star Trek at 50 event to be held on London's South Bank on Saturday 1 October.

Asked about why the sci-fi franchise has endured for half a century, Nichols observed: "Everybody on Star Trek was much more dedicated than on other shows where people would just pick up their pay cheque. It was unusual. And so darn nice.

"To be involved with a show that people care so passionately about is a real pleasure. The dedication is marvellous. It's kind of weird too – but you go with it."

In recent years, the character of Uhura has been given a new lease of life by Zoe Saldana, who has played the role in three new big-screen outings. But Nichols has yet to witness her successor in action:

"I haven't seen the movies, but I know she's been doing it. I'm glad it's her instead of me!"

But long-standing fans will be heartened to know that she still keeps in contact with her original crew mates William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig:

"We can't get rid of each other!" she joked. "But we don't spend time reminiscing. The friendship just continues."


The original series of Star Trek can be seen weeknights at 6pm on CBS: Action


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