Will Missy team up with the Daleks in the next episode of Doctor Who?

Once again, she's back! But has the Doctor's nemesis made some dangerous new friends in The Witch's Familiar...?

If you consider the fact that Missy is still alive after being exterminated in last week’s The Magician’s Apprentice a spoiler, then you probably haven’t been watching Doctor Who for all that long.


Yes, Missy is back. And judging by new pictures from this Saturday’s The Witch’s Familiar, she might even be worse than ever – she might have joined forces with the Daleks.

See? They look awfully chummy. And she did, after all, try to strike a universe-conquering bargain with them last week, only to be firmly denied.

Could she perhaps have some leverage over them this time around? Maybe a threat, or a ransom? Maybe even the life of the Doctor…?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to be working in the picture below.

Another question is the whereabouts of Clara. Given that we already know she’s leaving at the end of the series, it’s safe to assume last week wasn’t Jenna Coleman’s exit. So where is she? Has Missy deserted her? Or did she decide to go alone?

As for the Doctor, he’s taking a break from Davros to lark about with some classic 60s Daleks. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?


The Witch’s Familiar will air at 7.45pm on BBC1 this Saturday

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