Why not watch every Star Wars film played at the same time?

We have a bad feeling about this...

The best bit in Star Wars? Probably when Yoda merged with Jar Jar Binks while the Death Star blew up in the background and John Williams and his orchestra had a total meltdown. Yeah. Or when Darth Vader started making X-Wing noises and the credits rolled over Mace Windu’s face. Or when the Emperor’s word processor broke down and the opening text crawl descended into utter gibberish.


Presumably reasoning that the only thing better than Star Wars is every Star Wars, at the same time, YouTube user maurcs has layered every Star Wars movie, at the same time.

We have a bad feeling about this.


How long can you last? The full two and a half hours? From ‘a long time ago’ onwards, The Phantom Menance/Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith/A New Hope/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi are out of sync, and the problem only gets more pronounced when the films actually start. Plus, why was Attack of the Clones so bloody long?

As you watch your beloved childhood favourite grind itself into dust –images and effects and actors transforming into each other with the constant crescendo of the soundtrack– I want you to resist screaming. This is essentially what happens on the Internet every day, a visualisation of how every moment in Star Wars has now granulated and transformed into memes and in-jokes and merchandise. This was always going to happen. This was the inevitable end point of Star Wars…just before The Force Awakens arrives to make this monstrosity even more confusing.


Plus, it makes The Phantom Menace almost watchable.