Who’s going to be the next Doctor Who? ‘Don’t ask me!’ says David Tennant

The former Time Lord says he has no insider knowledge about who is going to replace Peter Capaldi


After the announcement last month that Peter Capaldi was stepping down as the Doctor in Doctor Who, speculation has been mounting as to who could possibly replace him at the Tardis helm.


Could it be Tilda Swinton, or Danny Dyer, or someone completely unknown? When will the new Doctor be announced? Will they have a brand-new companion too, or will Pearl Mackie’s Bill stick around?

And now with no answers in sight, many have apparently taken to quizzing former series lead David Tennant, forcing him to explain on BBC radio exactly how uninvolved he is with the whole project.

“I don’t know, I know as little as anyone else!” Tennant told David Walliams on Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show earlier today.

“It seems I’m expected to have some kind of insider knowledge because I was in it once. Nobody tells me anything.”

With that said, Tennant did admit that he would always be a part of Doctor Who in some way, perhaps explaining why so many people have been quizzing him on the new Time Lord appointee.

When asked if he missed the series, he said “No – because it never goes away.”

Joking, he added: “Because it’s real! It’s happening. I go from here in my Tardis to rehearsals.”

Whoever the new Doctor is should clearly be warned that it’s a lifelong commitment…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 15th April