If the fifth episode of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams on Channel 4 leaves you hungry for more mind-bending sci-fi anthology, then we have some bad news – there won’t be another episode on Sunday 22nd October, with the slot instead taken by live Formula One coverage.

Still, not to worry – this doesn’t mean the series has actually ended. The following Sunday 29th October sees the airing of another Electric Dreams episode called Human Is, starring Bryan Cranston, Essie Davis, Liam Cunningham and Ruth Bradley, and dealing with an abusive husband who comes back from war changed (with the episode also apparently riffing a bit on Star Trek).

And even once THAT episode has aired, it’s not the end. Four more Electric Dreams stories are set to air in early 2018, in stories called Kill All Others, Autofac, Safe and Sound and Father Thing and starring the likes of Greg Kinnear, Juno Temple and Janelle Monae among others. You can read more about those episodes here.

So in other words, there’s plenty more Electric Dreams to look forward to in the coming weeks and months – even if you do have to wait a bit of time between episodes.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams continues on Sunday 29th October