When does Pearl Mackie’s new companion start on Doctor Who?

Bill doesn’t make her debut in tonight’s Christmas special, but will be arriving soon


It’s been 8 months since we first saw actor/singer Pearl Mackie in action as the new Doctor Who companion (in a short announcement scene in April), but fans hoping to see her character Bill make her debut in today’s Christmas special will be disappointed.


You see, instead of teaming up with Bill the Doctor spends the episode working with semi-companion Nardole (Matt Lucas), superhero Grant/The Ghost (Justine Chatwin) and journalist Lucy (Charity Wakefield), and while the new gang were a lot of fun we’re sure many fans were itching to see the full-time new companion in a proper episode.

Still, they won’t have long to wait – we’ll be seeing Bill in all her quirky glory from series 10’s first episode A Star in Her Eye, which is due to air in April 2017 according to reports.

So in other words, we’ll finally get to meet Bill a full year after we first heard about her. Doctor Who, you do torture us so.


Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio is on BBC1 tonight (25th December) at 5.45pm