What is Doctor Who: Mission Dalek?

The BBC has teased something, but what? And Who? And what?

The BBC has posted a trailer for something called ‘Doctor Who: Mission Dalek’. Here it is.


To recap. It’s eight seconds long. It features a hashtag – #missiondalek– followed by ‘Coming Soon’, followed by blurry footage of two Daleks, one of which shoogles like it’s stubbed its toe.

Right, you know our game by now, let’s speculate based on absolutely no information.

1. It’s an add on to The Doctor and the Dalek?

Children can already go on missions with a Dalek in this edutainment game that teaches them coding. Point against: those Daleks don’t look like they’re animated in the same style.

2. It’s an online only spin-off centering on Daleks/Davros, or follows the Doctor or another group infiltrating Skaro?

Yeah, maybe? Would be cool. Still, this would be an oddly low-key introduction to such a fan-servicing project.

3. Build your own Dalek!?

Maybe it’s a tie-in with the new BBC micro:bit –a credit card sized computer given away to schools– and kids will get a chance to build their own robot Dalek in class? And if you forgot your robot Dalek at home you would have to spend the robot Dalek lesson doing P.E. in your vest.

4. Daleks will feature in the new James Bond movie??

It couldn’t be been any more ridiculous than the hacking scenes in Skyfall.

5. Before this decade is out, Steven Moffat will land a Dalek on the surface of Mars?

Erm… we’re trying here.

6. It’s something else?

Almost certainly.


What do you #missiondalek is? Send your ideas to @radiotimes and maybe we’ll feature them. Or maybe we won’t. We haven’t decided yet.